There are all functions that whole worker need.
We explain details of Carly’s major functions below.

1. “Safe, Secure and Smart” for All of the work processes! “Process Control”

The system provides you the Safe, Secure and Smart environment.

Carly protects all workers against from variety of dangers on the work process, i.e.,
taking wrong specimen, contamination in the clean room, deviation from SOP(Standard Operation Procedure), etc.

1) Prevent Deviation from SOP2) Prevent Taking Wrong Specimens3) Prevent Contamination
“Protocol Master” enables you to use the templated Work Process.

  • Setting manufacturing process or quality inspection process as multiple tasks into system, you may use these data as manufacturing orders. These tasks are input as master data, therefore it is possible to Add or Modify during the processing process.
  • Only you need to do is to choose the type of order. This system automatically propose appropriate manufacturing order or quality inspection order.
  • Of course only the authorized user is allowed to change or add the task(s).
  • Setting the date of beginning of the production, the system proposes the timeline of working process.
  • Worker is not allowed to proceed with next task until he/she completes the current task.
Thorough Control By Using Barcode

  • This system issues 2D barcodes to identify a specimen, reagent, material, equipment, etc. Checking the item by reading barcode at each work process, the worker will be prevented from mistakes to take wrong item.
  • The number of barcode label to print is preset on a manufacturing order, which is automatically proposed from the “Protocol Master”. You can also record the number of printed labels discarded without using.
  • The worker records the result of each operation by using barcode reader. If a worker takes wrong specimen, reagent, material, or equipment, the system issues an alert, and the worker cannot record the result.
  • When a worker try to use the expired reagent, an alert is also issued when he/she read the barcode.
Keep a Clean Room Paperless By Using Tablet Devices.

  • You can confirm and record the result of each work process by using tablet devices.
  • You do not have to bring unnecessary papers, such as manufacturing order, etc., into a clean room.


2. Strict Control of Reagents/Materials/Equipment! “Inventory Control”

Safe and Perfect Control of Reagents, Materials and Equipment By Using Carly!

This system perfectly prevent workers from misuse by using 2D-barcode as lollows.

Strage location can be set by 3 dimension
You can manage expiration date, serial number and/or lot number control about specimens, reagent and any other materials.
You can record the movement of materials into a cleanroom.
Automatic order with replenishment/order points can be made.

1) Thorough Inventory Control2) Carring-in Record / Replenishment and Order Point Management3) Prevent Misuse Of Reagents

Control Strage Location by 3D
Control Reagent with Serial Number And Lot Number Considered Separately

  • You can record the storage and retrieval of specimen in and from the devices, such as incubator, freezer, etc.
    Therefore you can immediately identify the location of specimen by the level of row, column and box.
  • You can add the attribute information to the reagents such as serial number, lot number, expiration date and units.
  • It’s possible to limit to use the reagent with the same serial number for the specific operation.
What And How Many Are On Hand? When Should You Order?

  • Management of inventory quantity of reagents, raw materials, materials, and equipment. Management of stock change of inventory caused by receiving and consumption.
  • Carly has the ordering function. When you receive the item, you record the information such as item number, amounts received, location, lot number etc., and then the quantity is increased. It is possible to set the order or replenishment point.
Carly Checks The Timing And Accuracy of Using Reagents

  • Carly issues 2D-barcode labels for identifying the reagents.
  • It is possible to limit to use the reagent with the same serial number for the specific operation.
  • The number of barcode label to print is preset on a manufactuing order, wich is automatically proposed from the “Protocol Master”. You can also record the number of printed labels discarded without using.


3. Thoroughly Eliminate Quality Deviations! “Deviation Control”

Carly Will Eliminate Quality Deviations.

Carly has the deviation control function to achieve a stable product quality.
You will have the experience of excellent traceability.
You can take Corrective Action; Preventive Action (“CAPA”) promptly.

1) Eliminates Quqlity Deviations
Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) Created According to The Protocol.
Detection Of Deviation From The Result Of Each Work Process Accumulated In Real Time.

  • Recording the result of each process of production or testing, you will efficiently create various report, e.g., Manufacturing order and report, Quality inspection report, Blood test report, Release decision report, Packing shipment report.
  • Carly has full search function to secure traceability.
  • You are able to analyze the point at issue of operation, using the detailed data and the result of processing, which are stored in this system.


4. Maximize The Speed Of Whole Business! “Business Support Function”

Speed Of Business Will be Improved By Carly!
Anytime, Anywhere, You Can Get The Real Time Report Promptly.

You will see the “Next Step”!

It is possible to analyze various data and information such as order receipt, production order, production report, inventory control record of specimen and reagents, billing and payment status, etc. by order, by worker, by customer or any other various aspects.
This system automatically propose the report to customers.

1) Visualization Of Circumstances Of Yourself!2) Assist To Expand Your Business On a Global Scale.
Real Time Reports Improves Your Management Ability.

  • Carly calculates operation time from production records. If you set the standard operation time to each task, it is possible to compare and analyze actual operation time and standard operation time. Aggregation is possible for each worker and for the whole.
  • Carly agregates the actual operation time and consumption of reagents, etc., and calculates the cost of each operation.
  • Carly has the billing function, which enables you to control billing and payment status for each customer. It is possible to have a price list for each customer.
Multilingual Is Available In One System
You Can Select The Language You Prefer At Login.

  • Carly is compatible with multi-language, multi-currency, multi-GAAP(Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), Is is also useful for non-native speakers of Japanese.


5. Compliance and Security

Carly Is Considering About Compliance And Security At Any Time!

Adaptable to Medical laboratories — Requirements for quality and competence (ISO15189).
Adaptable to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
Adaptable to Electronic Records and Electronic Signature (ER/ES) Guideline.

1) Improve Customer Reliability2) Effective In Your Company3) Reliable Measures Against Personal Information Leakage
Carly Corresponds To Various Standards:

  • Medical laboratories — Requirements for quality and competence (ISO15189).
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
  • Electronic Records and Electronic Signature (ER/ES) Guideline.
Reduction Of Occurrence Of Incident/Accident

  • The access restrictions by menus, tables, items and records can be implemented through roles such as manager or operator.
  • When the data conditions are changed, you can record detailed logs i.e., when, who and/or how they changed.
  • The view of the changed data lists allows manager to confirm data changes.
Prevent Unauthorized Use And Unauthorized Access

  • Carly requests operators to read barcode of his/her ID before the entry on the data for the purpose of checking the operator. Therefore, the other person cannot change the same record even through the first operator leaves the tablet unattended.
  • It is possible to force users to change password regularly.
  • Data and communications with high confidentiality are encrypted, therefore, there is no worry that data will be read by third parties.


6. Leading-edge Technologies

We Select Devices With Emphasis On Convenience At Work Site.

We pursue convenience at work site, selecting devices assuming to use them in a clean room. We use the labels which can withstand -196 degree of Celsius. We realize the linkage with electron microscope, temperature logger, environmental monitoring system, etc.

1) Improve Work Efficiency With High Convenience.2) Verified Lavel Printer
Devices Available under Various Circumstances

  • Fanless and compact tablet devices are suitable for the use in clean room.
  • It is possible to read and issue 1D or 2D barcode labels.
  • It is possible to use the labels made up of special substrate materials, e.g., labels which can withstand -196 degree celsius, labels which are storagble in liquid nitrogen, etc.
  • Carly can flexible import the data from other systems, e.g., temperature logger, environmental monitoring system, etc.
  • It is easy to attach photomicrographs to the appropriate operation record. The photomicrographs taken by degital camera are wirelessly transfered to the predetermined folder on the server.
  • Unified Threat Management(UTM) device enables the system to block the communications from external network, including internet. It is also possible to give permission to the absolute or the limit remote access.
    We can increase security level inside the system by applying the intrusion detection prevention, antivirus function, etc.


System Configuration – Outline

Several options are available for system configuration, depending on costomer’s usage, e.g., operation on cloud server or on-premises server, etc.

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